Pooch Picks – Worm Your Way Out

Pooch Picks – Worm Your Way Out

Pooch Picks – Worm Your Way Out

As responsible pet owners, we make sure our furry friends are up to date with their worming treatments. Worms are parasites that can be transmitted through your dog’s faeces and also contaminated soil. People can even contract certain species from their pooches, so it is worth making sure they stay away! There are five main

Pooch Picks – Hairy Lips

Every time we do a full groom on your furry friends, we trim the hairs around the lips. This helps keep their mouths smelling as fresh as they can be, and, prevents irritation or obstruction when eating. It also gets rid of the staining. But what exactly causes that change in colour? Porphyrin is a

Pooch Picks – Tickle My Toes

Those cute little doggy paws can be a nightmare to clip if your pup isn’t used to having them handled, but we still love them! Shaving between the pads prevents debris from accumulating, which could irritate your canine. There are five parts to a dog’s paw – the claws, the digital pads, the metacarpal pad,

Pooch Picks – Feeling Ticked Off

As the weather heats up, we take to the country for long walks with our furry friends. But it’s important to keep a watchful eye out for ticks. These little critters look like tiny eggs with legs, and love nothing more than to suck blood, which can spread Lyme Disease and other nasties. If you

Pooch Picks – Hair Splinters

As professional groomers we often get hair splinters, also known as hair slivers, in our hands. Freshly-cut hair can be very sharp, especially with certain types of coats that are more coarse. Typically, we pre-clip dogs, bathe and dry them, and then follow up with a more thorough cut, so this exposes us to more