Getting Purrsonal – Falling From Grace

Getting Purrsonal – Falling From Grace

Getting Purrsonal – Falling From Grace

Cats are renowned for their ability to survive falling from buildings, but do they always land on their feet? The simple answer to this question, is that it depends on how great a height they drop from. A study in 1987 discovered that felines falling onto concrete from between seven and 26 stories sustained fewer

Pooch Picks – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Sleep is thought to assist in the general growth and repair of all body systems. But do dogs dream? Studies indicate all mammals do, and this extends further to include vertebrates. Dreams serve the purpose of processing information and daily experiences to build memory, which explains why new-born puppies do it so often; the world

Getting Purrsonal – Nothing But the Tooth

All cats are carnivores, which means that they derive their food and energy requirements solely from animal tissue or meat, and their teeth reflect this. Though kittens are born with no visible teeth, between the ages of three and eight weeks, 26 milk teeth will develop: 12 incisors, four canines, and ten premolars. Just like

Pooch Picks – Canines’ Canines

All dogs are omnivores, which means they survive on both plant and animal matter, and their teeth reflect this. Puppies are born with 28 milk teeth; these begin to come through around two weeks after birth and are fully developed by the time they are ten weeks old. The teeth of those little ones can

Getting Purrsonal – A Tail Of Two Kitties

Whilst cats predominantly use their tails to maintain balance, they are also a great indicator of mood; by watching carefully you can gain an insight into how your furry friend is feeling. When it is held high and upright, your kitty is confident and happy, so this is the perfect time to offer cuddles, play