Getting Purrsonal – Shedloads Of Fur

Getting Purrsonal – Shedloads Of Fur

Getting Purrsonal – Shedloads Of Fur

At Purrfect and Pooch, the well-being of any animal is our top priority, and the services we recommend reflect this. During the hot, summer months, your furry friend may benefit from a shave due to the possibility of overheating, and also because spending more time outside lends itself to excessive matting. Debris may become embedded

Pooch Picks – Walking With Giants

When considering the size of your furry friend, it’s all down to personal preference, but the term ‘giant dogs’ generally refers to those whose weight exceeds 45kg. In the UK, this includes Great Danes, St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, and Cane Corsos, with the Dogue de Bordeaux coming in as the most popular. Since these canines were

Getting Purrsonal – Love Is In the Air

Cats have a reputation for being cool characters, but that’s not to say they don’t express their feelings. Your furry friend has a number of ways to show you how much she cares. The most obvious of these is purring. Felines use this to self-soothe when they are either extremely relaxed, or in need of

Pooch Picks – Shake It Off

Have you ever wondered why your dog shakes during a thrilling game of chase? Quivering is common behaviour for canines, and has both negative and positive connotations. When pooches are cold, they may shiver in a bid to warm up. To ensure hypothermia doesn’t set in, especially if the weather is particularly brisk, make sure