Pooch Picks – Barking Mad

Pooch Picks – Barking Mad

Pooch Picks – Barking Mad

The domestication of our canine friends from their wild ancestors brings with it the common bark. Dogs use a variety of sounds to communicate with us, varying in frequency and pitch, to help us understand what they are experiencing. Low growls often express aggression or threat, whereas higher emissions are associated with excitement and play.

Getting Purrsonal – Scaredy Cats

It’s not all fun and games for our furry friends at this time of year, especially when it comes to fireworks. Cats have incredibly sensitive hearing, particularly with higher-pitched sounds, even more so than their canine counterparts. Flashes and loud noises startle felines, which causes them to experience anxiety and anticipate danger, so their behaviour

Pooch Picks – Raisin Awareness

Christmas is just around the corner, and more than ever we feel the need to be close to our loved ones. But how do we ensure a safe and healthy celebration for our furry friends? Certain foods are definitely off the menu; for a start, be careful with stuffing that contains onions or any member

Getting Purrsonal – Furball Frenzy

Felines spend up to half their lives grooming themselves, but this is not purely for the sake of hygiene. Our furry friends also lick to regulate their temperature, cover their scent, heal wounds, and show affection. However, the sound of retching accompanied by the violent contraction of a cat’s body can be somewhat distressing, as