Take the Lead

Here at Purrfect and Pooch we work hard, but there is always time for a little break as our furry friends take centre stage!

Chewy is calm and collected for Danny, during his first ever groom!

Chi Chi relaxes with Danny during her first groom!

Danny gives Monty a dramatic makeover!

Danny reassures Tinkerbell with her feeties!

Dylan is thrilled to have Danny clipping him!

Millie senses that Danny is working to help her!

Nero is very patient during his pampering!

Roxy lends Danny a helping paw!

Dandelion rolls over to make Lee’s job easier!

Garfield getting a trim – a very chilled kitty!

Gizmo is grateful to have Lee shave off his knots!

Lee and Nimbus after his refreshing Lion Cut!

Lee splits a few hairs with Uzi!

Leo has behavioural issues, so Lee goes steady!

Savage is safely cocooned by Lee!

Alfie reclines whilst Tania clips his nails!

Bellaboo insists on cuddling Tania, during her blow-dry!

Percy is gently lathered up by Tania!

Simba gets all sudsy with Tania!

Tania enjoying sloppy snuggles from Nala!

Tania relieves Molly of her matted coat!

Tania takes some time to build a rapport with Dani!