Education and Courses

Whilst there is a wealth of information on the health of our pooches, very little is specifically catered to our feline friends. Here at Purrfect And Pooch Ltd, we believe when you know better, you do better, and it’s all about helping our fur babies live their best ever lives!

Please select one of the two following options if you’re interested in only pampered pooches, or, purrfect pusses:

Getting Purrsonal – Feline Educational Posts

Pooch Picks – Canine Educational Posts

Purrfect And Pooch Ltd Custom Courses

Feel free to enquire about our training courses if you would like to learn more about any aspect of animal healthcare; we will always do our utmost to be of service!

Feline Courses

Course 1: Pre-cat Education


• How to choose your cat

• Consider your lifestyle before selecting your lifetime companion

• How to find the cat for you

• Preparing to bring your cat home

• Introducing your cat to an existing pet

• Handling your cat safely

Course 2: Basic Cat Health


• Vaccinations and Spaying

• Diet and Nutrition

• Exercise and Play

• Teeth and Nails

• Hygiene (eyes, ears, nose, groin) and Grooming

• Cat Psychology: interpreting vocal and physical cues

• Recognising signs of dis-ease

• Health and safety for pet and owner

• Diseases that are transmittable between pet companion and owner

Course 3: Cat Grooming (Basic)

Course 4: Cat Grooming (Advanced)

Canine Courses

Course 5: How To Groom Your…

We don’t want to leave out our canine companions, so if you fancy learning how to do a breed-standard cut, one of the following courses may be right for you!

Bichon Frise






Animal Courses

Course 6: Teaching Your Children Responsible Pet Care

We believe that teaching children from an early age how to be responsible pet owners, develops their social skills such as compassion, understanding, and respect. The bond between an animal and a child is a very special thing!


• The basic needs of an animal

• Safe handling

• Time with real animals

• Quiz