Meet the (Human) Team

Here at Purrfect And Pooch Ltd, we have a great team on hand to serve your pet care requirements with a wealth of experience and knowledge between them. They are…

Tania – Managing Director and Lead Animal Groomer

Tania’s love for animals began as a toddler, rescuing injured creatures and nursing them back to health. She spent her formative years adopting a variety of companions, and as she became older volunteered at numerous farms, veterinary practices, and other animal establishments to gain knowledge and experience.

Rather than follow in her family’s footsteps into the field of human medicine, Tania pursued her first Degree in Zoology (Hons) at Bristol University, specialising in mammalian psychology. Her current passion involves animal nutrition and she is often found researching exciting new developments. Tania believes that ongoing education is the key to raising healthy, happy pets. She lives on-site with four mischievous mutts, and four pampered pusses.