Meet the (Human) Team

Here at Purrfect and Pooch, we have a great team on hand to serve your pet care requirements with a wealth of experience and knowledge between them. They are…

Danny Fowler, Purrfect and Pooch Proprietor

Danny – Proprietor and Animal Groomer

Danny is no stranger to animals, having been brought up with cats and an assortment of pets including hamsters, chipmunks, birds, geckos and snakes. His trusty sidekick, Loki the miniature dachshund, sparked his interest in canines and he hasn’t looked back since.

His varied professional life has involved caring for young children, teenagers and the elderly, as he enjoys nurturing work that is more ‘hands-on’ in nature. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until he combined these elements to continue the legacy of Lee and Julie here at Purrfect and Pooch. Danny loves the satisfaction of working with our furry friends to ensure they are happy upon completion of a successful groom; despite any challenges he may face along the way. He lives with his partner Tania, and their menagerie of animals.

Tania – In-house Zoologist and Animal Groomer

Tania’s love for animals began as a toddler, rescuing injured creatures and nursing them back to health. She spent her formative years adopting a variety of companions, and as she became older volunteered at numerous farms, veterinary practices, and other animal establishments to gain knowledge and experience.

Rather than follow in her family’s footsteps into the field of human medicine, Tania pursued her Honours Degree in Zoology at Bristol University, specialising in mammalian psychology. Her current passion involves animal nutrition and she is often found researching exciting new developments. Tania believes that ongoing education is the key to raising healthy, happy pets. She lives with her partner Danny, four mischievous mutts, and four pampered pusses.

Julie and Lee Worne – Purrfect and Pooch Founder and Professional Consultant

Julie was raised in a family that bred geese and hens, and was always surrounded by cats, dogs and rabbits as a child. She dreamed of setting up her own grooming business, but a career in breeding Persians, Exotics and Bengals occupied most of her time as she established herself in this field. Finally, in 2010 Julie created Purrfect and Pooch as a part-time venture, to fulfil her ambition and share her expertise with all animal-lovers.

Lee hails from a background in business, managing a variety of projects and contributing his financial knowledge. As a youth, he bred budgies and gerbils, noting that animals were naturally drawn to him, but this potential was not realised until he left the corporate world to join Julie in 2012, due to the rising success of Purrfect and Pooch. Lee has developed his reputation as an animal whisperer and intuitive animal groomer.

Julie is taking a step back from Purrfect and Pooch as she spends more time with her grandchildren, whereas Lee remains an animal-centred member of the team in his capacity as a professional consultant.