Getting Purrsonal – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Getting Purrsonal – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Getting Purrsonal – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Have you noticed your feline is constantly shedding her fur? This prevents dead parts of her coat causing skin irritation so she can always look her best! Moulting varies between breeds and depends on whether your cat lives inside or outside. It is influenced by the amount of daylight, or ‘photoperiod’, so you will notice

Pooch Picks – Give the Dog a Bone

When deciding whether to feed bones to your canine, it is always useful to weigh up the pros and cons. Some of the benefits include supplying additional vitamins and minerals, assisting with tartar control on teeth, and providing a source of doggy entertainment. However, there are also risks associated with feeding bones, as some canines

Getting Purrsonal – Hot Under the Collar

We all want to protect our fur babies and make sure they can be returned to us if they wander too far from home. But are cat collars really the best way to do this? Whilst it is a legal requirement that dogs in public wear a collar, the PDSA suggests cats are better without

Pooch Picks – Grit Your Teeth

Our furry friends are no different to us when it comes to dental hygiene. They too can suffer from plaque, rotten teeth, and gum problems. But brushing their gnashers daily with enzymatic, pet-friendly toothpaste can work wonders! Once your pet is used to the taste and sees it as a treat, you can progress to