Pooch Picks – Feeling Plucky

Pooch Picks – Feeling Plucky

Pooch Picks – Feeling Plucky

If your dog is small and fluffy, or a ‘burrowing breed’ such as a terrier, you have probably seen long strands of hair growing out from its ears. Even smooth-coated, larger canines can have tufts, which work like those in our nostrils, blocking debris from entering the body through these delicate cavities. However, the problem

Getting Purrsonal – It Takes Two

Whilst there are plenty of dog groomers just waiting to take great care of your pooch, few of them will provide any kind of service for your puss. Admittedly, canines remain the most popular pet in the UK, but felines are slowly clawing their way to the top, and deserve their share of pampering, too!

Pooch Picks – You’ve Nailed It

If you’ve ever heard the clickety-clack of your pooch’s nails on a hard floor, chances are they need clipping! Take a closer look – if they are touching the ground or have started to grow to the side, this could be causing your canine discomfort. Overgrown claws run the risk of limiting movement and causing

Getting Purrsonal – Cats’ Eyes

Just like us, cats communicate a great deal with their eyes. Have you ever noticed your feline blinking slowly at you? That’s a sign of love and trust; they are letting down their guard as hunters. Dilated eyes express excitement, fear, or surprise, but can also indicate pain. Therefore, it’s good practice to pay close

Pooch Picks – Doggy Diseases

All pooches in the UK are inoculated against several core diseases, including distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. Distemper attacks the lymph nodes, causing damage to the respiratory, urinary, digestive, and nervous systems, and hepatitis targets the liver, kidneys, eyes, and lining of blood vessels. Leptospirosis compromises the nervous system and organs, whilst