Pooch Picks – Wipe Your Paws

Pooch Picks – Wipe Your Paws

Pooch Picks – Wipe Your Paws

You’d be forgiven for thinking your furry friend is practising good hygiene by wiping his paws after toilet time, but sadly, this is not the case. Kicking the grass behind himself following either urination or defecation is common dog behaviour, regardless of breed, gender, and size. The purpose of this cute little ‘dance’ is to

Getting Purrsonal – Rough Around the Edges

A great deal of scientific research involving computerised tomography (CT) scans, focuses on the intricacies of the cat’s tongue. Its roughness is due to the presence of tiny spines called papillae, which are made of keratin, like hooman nails. These papillae are curved and hollow-tipped; they function like hooks and all point in the same

Pooch Picks – Too Hot To Handle

Unlike us hoomans, your furry friend is unable to sweat through his skin. Therefore, he regulates his body temperature and stays cool via panting, and heat release through the merocrine and apocrine glands in his paw pads. Warm weather increases the risk of heatstroke especially in brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds, and overweight pooches. Symptoms to watch

Getting Purrsonal – Look ‘Ear, You

The pinna, or external part of a cat’s ear, can rotate up to 180 degrees to locate minute sounds by acting as a funnel. But did you know that its position is also a good indicator of how your furry friend is feeling? If your feline has her ears pinned back, flat against her head,

Pooch Picks – High Tail It

Tail wagging is an instinctive behaviour that develops in puppies once they reach three or four weeks of age. This extension of the backbone is used to communicate with other animals and hoomans, and varies between breeds in degree of curl, length, size, and how expressive its owner is with it. Early introductions to a