At Purrfect And Pooch Ltd, it is important that our customers are happy with the services we provide, and we pride ourselves on delivering a quality grooming experience.

Here are what some of the hoomans have to say about their furry friends’ pampering sessions!

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Absolutely brilliant service. Molly had such a big groom (her first proper cut!) and I’m so pleased to finally see her! She had previously been for a puppy trim and I had felt nervous leaving my fur baby for the first time, but honestly, I couldn’t have left her in safer hands! Tania and Simone are just amazing through and through. Their love just shines! Their professionalism and their knowledge is amazing and I can’t recommend them enough!

~ Gemma and Molly

Only just recently started taking my cat here, But I cannot recommend them enough. They are professional and really care about the animals. Any advice needed, they are happy to give and I couldn’t praise them enough. They have been super helpful.

~ Gemma and Skittles

Purrfect and Pooch did a great job and were super friendly. Thank you, I will definitely book again. 🤍

~ Dhanine and Nino

Incredible ladies with loads of experience and knowledge, they really helped to answer any questions I had about my cat and treated him so wonderfully! Thank you so much for an amazing first groomers session. It will be the first of many!

~ Megan and Ziggy

I cannot praise Tania and Simona enough for their kindness, understanding, wisdom and knowledge. I have been thinking about having my three year old BSH boy, Huggy Bear, groomed for quite a while but was put off because he dominates us as to what he allows us to do (you know the saying, dogs have masters, cats have staff!).  He will not let us brush him, trim his claws, etc., without us coming off like we have gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson – LOL! One day, Huggy escaped the house by the front through an open window (he can go in the back garden) and went out into the big wide world.  We found him cowering under a neighbour’s car.  When he eventually came out, he was covered in what we think was oil.  His coat was matted and greasy.  Anyway, I had no choice but to take him to a groomer and how lucky was I to find Purrfect and Pooch.  It is literally ten minutes from where I live and specialises in cat grooming, which a lot of groomers shy away from. Tania put Huggy at ease straight away, I could not believe how chilled he was, Tania even made me feel relaxed.  I left him in their capable hands and left with no anxiety at all.  I returned to find a beautifully groomed and chilled cat.  Tania sent me a video of him having a bath to put me at rest and even sent me a text message the following morning to ask how he was. I know that this is a long review but I cannot believe the service we received, so if anybody is reading this review and worried about leaving their fur baby with Purrfect and Pooch, do not worry at all.  I will be recommending Purrfect and Pooch to family and friends without hesitation. Thank you, Tania and Simona.

~ Ann and Huggy Bear

First time using Purrfect and Pooch and I’m so impressed with their communication. They’ve worked wonders on my cat. I’m so impressed, I would highly recommend them and I shall be returning, also. Thank you so much! 💖🐾

~ Vicky and Faith

What an amazing job they did. Brilliant service and so fabulous staff. Thank you 😊

~ Inese and Bella

‘Why has it taken me so long to discover this awesome groomer?’ I ask myself! My two rescue kitties, a long-haired Golden Chinchilla Persian and a short-haired Exotic Persian were bathed and deshed, claws clipped and eyes and ears cleaned. They look absolutely stunning. Even though I groomed them regularly myself, there was no comparison to the thorough and beautiful job Tania and Simone did. Their professionalism and knowledge was outstanding. I was made very welcome and they gave up much of their time explaining about everything and offering valuable advice. They were so gentle and friendly with my kitties that they were so calm and content when I collected them. I was very happy and relieved to see this in particular with my Golden Chinchilla who is very sensitive and scared of others but was so chilled. Highly recommended and will be returning without a doubt. Thank you so much, Tania and Simone.

~ Irma, Frank and Hydee

A truly amazing groomers! My cat was in need of a pamper. I called up and Tania explained the whole process to me, and managed to find me a slot, which I was so grateful for. You can really tell that Tania and Simona care so much about the animals and will go above and beyond. My cat is so much happier now she’s had her de-shed and hygiene trim and she came back smelling AMAZING. So, so, so glad I found this place, could not be happier! 

~ Emma and Rosa

I am so happy that I was able to find Purrfect and Pooch to have my three cats groomed, who all look great afterwards. Fantastic work that Tania and Simona do, both my wife and I would pass our recommendations on for anyone who would like their cat or dog groomed. Already booked our three in ready for their next groom. Thanks again Tania and Simona!

~ Darren, Freya, Loki and Odin

Had our first visit to Purrfect and Pooch last week with our longhaired cat, and safe to say we will definitely go again. We didn’t know what to expect as we had not had a cat groomed before. The girls were wonderful and very knowledgeable, you can tell how much they enjoy their work. Our Opie had a de-shed; we thought he might have needed a shave but the girls managed to keep his gorgeous coat looking amazing. Since his appointment he’s been so much more comfortable in the heat and his mood has improved as he obviously feels cooler. The price was very reasonable and pick up and drop of was very easy. Thanks again, ladies!

~ John and Opie

Yesterday, our two cats went for a full groom; what a fantastic service. Our cats were so well looked after and cared for by Tania and Simona. I highly recommend this salon.

~ Marion, Bertie and Ollie

My little old man has never felt so good in his new haircut, ready for the heatwave! We’ve been to Purrfect and Pooch with my other cat, who had a de-shed and wash, and he came out feeling so much better and refreshed! I cannot recommend Tania and Simone enough; they really care for my babies as if they were their own and give them lots of cuddles and kisses. Dexter will definitely be coming back as he’s getting older and can’t keep up with his fluffy fur as well as he could before.

~ Charlotte and Dexter

I’m so happy to have found this five star pet pampering service in Eckington. I took both my Ragdoll cats, who were in a bit of a sorry state, and now they are happy and clipped out, ready to be regulars for grooming. Next up my two Newfoundland bears and, wow, it’s amazing what these girls have achieved in a few hours. So much fur needed to come off! Simone has worked magic on them both and I’m thrilled. All pets are happy to go, the care is phenomenal and attention to detail top class. Highly recommended 😁

~ Linda, Bear, Magic, Merlin and Panda

Excellent. One of our dogs is very anxious, and doesn’t like “other” groomers. We were apprehensive about taking him to Purrfect and Pooch. However, he was fine and they did a great job with him. We took our other dog and they did a great job. Wonderful.

~ Mark, Claude and Wyatt

Thank you, Tania and Simona, for the love, care and attention you give to Olive before, during and after every groom. Since coming to you, she no longer avoids shower time at home after her muddy walks! Bath time is a treat at Purrfect and Pooch, hence the extreme tail-wagging you receive! And I’m always delighted with her cute cockapoo do! See you again soon!

~ Anna and Olive

We’re taking both our cat and dog here and they absolutely love the pampering. Tania and Simona are very professional and passionate about what they’re doing. Waiting for our next appointment now! Thank you, Simona, for improving their look! 😊 Highly recommend!

~ Elena, Bubu and Hamish

Simone and Tanya were both very professional and friendly and gave me a lot of very useful advice. I bring my three cats and dog here. My dog, who is a rescue dog and has a lot of behavioural issues, took to Tanya and Simone instantly. I’ve never seen him so calm around anyone else. They have so much knowledge on animals, it’s insane! I bring my pets here regularly now and I won’t be going elsewhere! 😺 5⭐ service.

~ Aalia and Doggo

Absolutely amazing service! My big Maine Coon, Simba, had his first grooming and I can truly say he is not an easy cat! 😬 Tania and Simona had done a fantastic job! 😍 I will definitely come back with Simba. Highly recommended 5 🌟!

~ Sylwia and Simba

Honestly, I can’t thank these lovely angels enough for helping me today. They both went above and beyond with the help and time they gave Marley and I. I rang up and got in that day. I don’t know what I would have done today without them! Thank you, so much! ❤💕❤💕🐶

~ Amy and Marley

Thank you, Tania and Simona, for the love, care and attention you give to Olive before, during and after every groom. Since coming to you she no longer avoids shower time at home after her muddy walks! Bathtime is a treat at Purrfect and Pooch, hence the extreme tail-wagging you receive! And I’m always delighted with her cute cockapoo do! See you again, soon!

~ Anna and Olive

We’re taking both our cat and dog here and they absolutely love the pampering! Tania and Simona are very professional and passionate about what they’re doing. Waiting for our next appointment now! Thank you, Simona, for improving their look! Highly recommend! Thank you!

~ Elena, Bubu and Hamish

Simona and Tania were both very professional and friendly and gave me a lot of very useful advice. I bring my three cats and dog here. My dog, who is a rescue dog with a lot of behavioural issues, took to Tanya and Simona instantly… I’ve never seen him so calm around anyone else. They have so much knowledge on animals, it’s itsane! I bring my pets here regularly now and I wont be going elsewhere! 😺 5⭐ service!

~ Aaliyah and Doggo

Absolutely amazing service! My big Maine Coon, Simba, had his first grooming and I can truly say he is not an easy cat! 😬 Tania and Simona had done a fantastic job! 😍 I will definitely come back with Simba. Highly recommended 5 🌟

~ Sylwia and Simba

Honestly, I can’t thank these lovely angels more for helping me today. They both went above and beyond with the help and time they gave me and Marley. I rang up and got in that day. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done today without them. Thank you, so much ❤💕❤💕🐶

~ Amy and Marley

Took my cat here for a groom after she had become severely matted due to being semi-feral after someone attacked her a few years ago. I honestly thought she would be too bad to groom. The girls were AMAZING! My cat doesn’t have a single knot left. She looks like a little grey lion. Thank you so, so, much; you’ve saved my cat (and purse) from having to be anaesthetised. I couldn’t be happier! HIGHLY recommend!

~ Jade and Beth

I had real reservations about taking my grumpy red tabby Maine Coon; for one, he could be difficult and two, I was ashamed of myself because he is not the easiest to work with. He fights every time I try to groom him and I accidently cut him trying the get t`he lumps of fur out. I was absolutely gutted I had done this to my boy and I knew I couldn’t carry on any longer struggling with him. After looking for a professional groomer I found Tania online and gave her a ring. I explained the problems I was having and what I had done and she was absolutely brilliant. She reassured me that it happens to a lot of animal owners at some point.  I took him to see Tania for the first time last week and she was brilliant. She cleaned his ears and nose, clipped his claws and groomed him for me and he is so much happier. I wish I had found Tania years ago.

~ Nikola and Solo

Really really lovely ladies! Made my cat feel at ease and she looks, feels and smells amazing. Thank you so much! We will definitely be back!

~ Terriann and Odie

You can’t find a nicer more professional groomer for cats. Tania has helped Brie (my cat) get comfortable being groomed and built her up to use the hairdryer, and also gave me advice for in between grooms.

She always looks great after, and I couldn’t recommend Tania and the team enough. Thanks! 

~ Luke and Brie

This is the first time I’ve needed the services of a cat groomer, and I was lucky enough to find Purrfect and Pooch.

Tania went above and beyond in order to make time for my elderly and ill cat – even to the point of replying to my initial enquiry while on holiday (which I didn’t realise at the time).

My cat was no longer able to groom very well, which had resulted in matted fur that was causing her obvious discomfort – hence the visit to Purrfect and Pooch. Both Tania and Simona were professional, friendly and, more importantly, very competent. They went out of their way to make the experience as stress-free as possible for her, even to the point of staying late in order to give her as many rest periods as possible. They are very clearly dedicated, and I am very grateful to have found them.

~ Rich and Esme

If I could give more than five stars, I would! I took my “wild” cat who needed to be shaved today; they were fabulous and made me instantly feel like she would be taken care of as though she was one of their own. She has come home looking and smelling amazing and unusually in a very good mood! Thank you so much girls, we will definitely be back x

~ Michelle and Maggie

So glad I’ve found Tania on Google; she helped my recently adopted long haired cat get back to his absolute cutest state. Billy was abandoned and living outside for 7 years before I found him, you can imagine how bad his hair condition was, especially as a senior longhair. Tania and Simona were professional and patient with us. I’ve got a pre-appointment assessment and advices and on the day of grooming they provided everything I expected, and even more. Billy is quite a scared cat but he felt comfortable and happy around the lovely ladies, he got a treat during the grooming session as well. I would give five stars specifically for all the handy advices Tania wrote down for me, would definitely recommend to all pet parents.

~ Nancy and Billy

I’m so glad I chose to go with Purrfect and Pooch! I’d spent months trying to relieve my cat of severely matted fur with numerous failed attempts. Tania and Simona were incredibly reassuring and Guinness (my female, long haired, three-legged cat) was so comfortable in their presence. Tania kindly agreed to immediately remove the matted fur on a meeting initially booked just to assess what was needed on further appointments. I was gobsmacked with how Guinness responded to being shaved. Guinness is so much happier. I’d definitely recommend Purrfect and Pooch and will be back! Thanks so much for the two visits where you’ve been transparent, caring to my cat, and done a fabulous Lion cut!

~ Joanne and Guinness

First time I bought my cat and I was amazed by their service. They did an amazing job on my cat I’m very pleased with overall result. Tania and the team are such lovely people and were very understanding about the cat’s needs and their service is great!

~ Sana and Muezza

We have been bringing our Maine Coon, Treacle, to Tania for the last couple of years for a lion cut to help ease her fur matting. We know that she is in good hands at Purfect and Pooch and we can leave her there for her groom without a single worry. Treacle loves Tania and is always relaxed and happy when we come to collect her. You honestly could not ask for a better and more caring groomer and we would never even consider taking Treacle elsewhere. Thank you for her cut today, she is so happy and confident!

~ Sarah and Treacle

Cannot recommend enough! I was very apprehensive about taking Simba to the groomers as I was previously told he wasn’t the friendliest cats to handle by previous groomers, but Tania and team were absolutely brilliant and had no trouble, he was clearly very comfortable with his surroundings. Simba was desperate for a good groom. He spends a lot of time outside and had become quite matted over the pass few months. He had a lion cut and looks brilliant. When collecting Simba I was given a full report of the treatments he had received which I thought was a lovely touch. Very happy with the service received and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

~ Gemma and Simba

Shelby has been coming to Purrfect and Pooch now for a couple of years and wouldn’t want her to go anywhere else. Their service is second to none and Tania really is so knowledgable about animals from all walks of life, so I couldn’t trust anyone more than Tania to keep my fur baby safe and cared for. Thanks again, and please don’t stop doing what you do! Five Stars!

~ Alyssa and Shelby

I took my cat, Benny, for a bath as he was a bit mucky from laying around in dirt and gravel all day when sunbathing. Benny had never been to a groomers for a nail clip or a wash before. Tania was wonderful and her love and passion for animals really shone through. I loved that she was singing to my cat whilst she gave him a wash to keep him calm! I would really recommend Purrfect and Pooch and I will bring Benny back for another wash when he starts getting smelly again!

~ Jasmine and Benny

Florence went for her first ever grooming session today, which I was dreading because she really hates us trying to brush her. She’s a thirteen-year-old rescue cat who had suffered from severe neglect until she was rescued last year. She’s been extremely reluctant to let us anywhere near her with a comb.

Danny and Tania were absolute legends and really took the time to let her get used to the new situation. They were so patient with her and took plenty of time to chat to me about what they were going to do, and gave me lots of tips on how to get Florence used to being groomed at home. An hours de-shedding later I had one extremely well groomed and happy cat!

~ Lauren and Florence

Took my very luggy cat, Tyson, to be shaved today. Danny and Tania were fab with him. My cat is a Ragdoll and he is nearly eighteen years old; a very spoilt, and very lazy house cat. We were struggling with combing him as he can be extremely temperamental and often bites and scratches us. After looking for a groomer to tend to him we came across Purrfect and Pooch. We booked Tyson in after speaking to Danny and we were given assurance that Tyson would be fine. I am so happy with the result. Tyson looks like a kitten again and I am sure much more comfortable now all the lugs are gone. We are so pleased with the result that we are considering having him shaved every six months. I would highly recommend them. Thankyou so much!

~Tracey and Tyson

We use them regularly for our two cats. They’re lovely, attentive, and our cats love them and come back looking and smelling great. Definitely recommend for any pet owners, especially if you have a long-haired cat, as our Leota has been comfortable, gorgeous and content since we started taking her regularly.

Cats are always handled with care, a full report is given on them, and the groomers make sure to get to know the cats, what they like and dislike and so the cats stay comfortable and happy throughout.

~ Joe, Dixie and Leota

Tania and Danny have been absolutely amazing with my twenty-month-old Cockapoo, who developed a fear of grooming. They have been so kind and patient and after a few visits the past couple of months; today he eventually managed his first full groom in a long time. Using behavioural techniques and psychology they have handled him so well and I would recommend them to anyone who has a dog (or cat) with similar fears.

~ Carol and Levi

The best, most patient and knowledgeable pet groomers I have ever used. Gave my two dogs a thorough trim after neither had been groomed in over five months. They gave me some brilliant and helpful advice about my dogs diet and suggest an amazing website that details how good and bad all brands and makes of dog food is. Used this to get a far, far superior food for them to help with their weight and allergies. Already booked the next session to keep my dogs trim and healthy.

~ Peter, Cassie and Vinny

Just wanted to say thank you so much from Dan and I. Dan said you were both lovely and super helpful and Bosko is a new man! 💖

UPDATE: Just wanted to say we got the comb that you recommended and Bosko is less bothered than he’s ever been with us brushing him. Since coming to you, I think he realises that we’re helping him! He’s gone so affectionate again, too!

~ Kerry and Bosko

I cannot begin to say how grateful we are to Danny and Tania for looking after Walter and making him handsome again; already he is so much happier and enjoying cleaning himself. Thank you also for all the feeding and healthcare advice which was much appreciated. Can’t wait to bring him to meet you again 😻😻

UPDATE: We just can’t believe the difference in Walter! He is like a spring lamb and looks so much brighter in himself.

~ Jo and Walter

Thank you so much, Danny and Tania, for taking great care of Mia and getting her looking beautiful! 😻

~ Luke and Mia

I have taken my baby here on a regular basis for the last nine months and wouldn’t trust her with anyone else. Thank you. Dolly loves to come to you. See you in five weeks!

~ Katy and Dolly

Just arrived back from my first visit with my rescued moggy for a nail trim. I was rather dreading it as previous vet trips for nails have been traumatic and halted half way through. I am absolutely amazed at how calm the nail cutting experience was, there was no fuss or stress and I really felt I was in the presence of two cat whispering magicians! I will be back and whole heartedly recommend Purrfect and Pooch!

~ Rhea and Gatsby

My Ragdoll has just been returned and she looks absolutely beautiful after a full grooming. So pleased with the results as she was very matted.

~ Mary and Dollar

Big thank you to Danny and Tania at Purrfect and Pooch for taking Buddy on today and giving him a first class bath, groom and pamper. Also, thanks for a really friendly service and good advice.  See you soon!

~ Liz and Buddy

So amazed by the service we received here today. After speaking with Danny over email we were able to sort out an appointment quickly for our cat. Tania and Danny were both so knowledgeable and clearly so passionate about what they do – this was so lovely to see.

Our cat Patch was looked after so well and he was catered for brilliantly. Will definitely be bringing him again! His fur looks amazing and he will definitely be a lot more comfortable in the heat now. Thank you!

~ Lowri and Patch

Lovely, caring and ethical folk who are so good with animals.

~ Liz and Belle

I took in my eighteen-year-old cat, Mia, as she has stopped grooming herself and wouldn’t let me near to groom her, so consequently she became very matted up. I was a bit nervous about taking her as she gets stressed (and angry) easily but I didn’t need to worry. Tania & Danny were so gentle with her. They were also able to give me lots of advice about grooming her and her diet. I will certainly be returning.

~ Julie and Mia

We took our cat Harvey in this morning as he had tight fur balls on his body. It was preventing him from doing what he loves (jumping up for a cuddle) and it was really affecting his mood. We couldn’t believe how amazing they were with him and they did such a great job! He has had no problem jumping up on the furniture and getting snuggled down since bringing him back. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for him, we cannot recommend this business enough.

~ Natalie and Harvey

I cannot recommend Purrfect and Pooch highly enough! My grumpy boy’s fur was matting so badly and after struggling to find anyone willing to groom him properly without sedating him Tania and Danny were a godsend, and definitely have a magic touch when it comes to unreasonable cats! Lucifer is so much happier after his Teddy bear cut (with the added bonus of the fact he looks like a roast chicken with a bobble head)!

~ Beth and Lucifer

Our two-year-old cockapoo had some bad experiences with groomers – he’d missed some sessions due to lockdown and when we finally got him back to be cut, he was so stressed by the experience that two separate groomers couldn’t get near him. We spoke to Purrfect and they said they’d be happy to see our dog. On arrival, they made him feel so welcome and at ease. We had no issue leaving him there. The groomers took their time and were extremely considerate and gentle with him. The cut was fantastic and we were delighted with the service. We’re now booked in as regular customers – I can’t recommend them highly enough!

~ Ciro and Rocky

My cat went to this groomer for the first time and I am beyond satisfied with her care! She was full of matts, dirt and the odd stick stuck in her fur (she hates grooming herself) so after many battles we decided to get her shaved to help prevent this! I booked her in pretty quickly over the phone at a convenient time for us and dropped her off on the chosen date. On collection she was styling a cute little lion trim and smelt amazing! Although she was with strangers she was so calm on collection and the groomers explained everything they had done and how she behaved. They explained that she showed she was frightened with the dryer so they stopped using immediately and let her air dry which shows this place is really animal-centred. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring her back here again!

~ Shelby and Allie

I just wanted to say thanks and a give some very positive feedback for my cat Beau’s first groom. Beau had some large matted clumps of undercoat and to tackle it myself was not an option. I am so happy I found Tania and Danny. Their compassion, knowledge and the competence of their work is second to none. Just by having a small conversation with them, I instantly felt reassured and confident my cat would be in caring hands. The cut was excellent and exactly as I had requested, and in the recent heat wave she definitely has been feeling the benefits. A whole-hearted thanks!

~ Dan and Beau

I couldn’t be more satisfied, and neither could my cat! They are a really pleasant couple that love their work and take it very seriously. I think that for what they did on the day it was excellent value, but the real value will come with how much easier her coat will be to manage in the coming months and how much more comfortable she will be through the summer. She’s so much less painful to pick up and handle with her nails clipped and filed, too!

If you’ve got a long-haired cat, and have never had them groomed by a pro before (as I hadn’t), give them a call. It is a very worthwhile thing to do a couple of times a year. I’ll be back again in autumn when her winter coat comes back in. Thanks again!

~ Dave and Zolyshka

I’ve just moved to the Peak District six months ago from London, and this is the first time I’ve brought my cat Elpi to the grooming spa, and I honestly can’t praise Tania and Danny’s work enough! The super duo is very patient, calm, informative, thorough, and considerate with huge amount of empathy! The care that they give to my Ragdoll cat, Elpi, is indescribable. Elpi has always been nervous when visiting groomers in London, but she was relaxed, smelled amazing, and looked fabulous!

After the lion cut shave and teddy bear head major make over: Elpi took a few days to adjust to her body temperature without her big furry jacket. We had to put on the heating for her, but after three days, she became a kitten again, jumping, exploring, walking around like she owns the place. She is a lot happier, and we can see a fundamental change in her personality in the past two weeks.

A few examples: She never likes to have cuddles, but now, she is all about it, possibly because she can feel the touch and heat a lot more now without all the hair. She has a much stronger appetite, she eats all her food rather than leaving most of it in the bowl.

I’ll absolutely be going back again! Elpi is not changing her groomers going forward as we have found the one in Tania and Danny. Thank you for a fantastic job!

~ Suki and Elpi

We took our kitten for her first visit to Danny and Tania today and all I can say is WOW! They are so friendly and professional and are clearly amazing at what they do. They give us great advice and our kitten came away looking better than she ever has done and we can already see positive changes in her after her pamper. I really can’t recommend them enough.

~ Sarah and Kitty

I just wanted to say that my Mardy girl is the most content I have ever seen her since her groom with you. We have stroked her back, which she never allowed before. I am so grateful that you are her groomer! Thank you! Honestly she is like a different cat!

~ Brina and Mardy

Could not recommend highly enough! Experienced groomers, so helpful and so caring. My cat looks totally stunning and smells wonderful. They really think about the animal and try to make it feel relaxed, which makes a difference. Great to find people that really care about their business and the animals they are looking after.

~ Katrina and Clara

Thank you so much Danny and Tania from Purrfect and Pooch grooming for Oscars latest cut. Just take a look at Oscars latest grooming report! This is one of the reasons why we make an hour and a half round trip to see these guys and trust them to take amazing care of Oscar. Danny and Tania and just fantastic and we wouldn’t trust Oscar with anyone else now. If you have a furry family friend (I won’t say pet because there are anything but a pet) you’ll understand why it’s so important to find people you trust.

~ Andy and Oscar

Just a quick thank you to all that recommended Purrfect and Pooch as a groomer for Sir Teddy. We took him today and he’s back to his handsome self again! He smells delicious after his wash and just for that extra special touch we got a lovely grooming report telling us everything he has had done and his behaviour. Could not recommend enough!

~ Jessica and Teddy

I was always apprehensive about getting my first ever cat groomed, but after a couple of weeks of her sitting in front of fans or searching breeze we felt she might be struggling a bit. Our second cat also grooms her and she had started matting near her legs and despite daily brushing; it was becoming impossible to manage. Tania and Danny were so reassuring and knowledgeable and accommodating to what we needed and even gave me some great advice about collars. Leota seems so much happier and bouncier and is crying so much less. She smells and looks amazing, so pleased with everything. Will definitely take her back!

~ Anna and Leota

First time visiting this fantastic groomers. They were so lovely with Bertie and helpful as I am a new cat owner. Plus, they were very kind to me, too, as I am not very mobile. They couldn’t do enough for me and Bertie. I highly recommend them and their services. Thank you.

~ Marion and Bertie

I brought my cat, Bambi, to Purrfect and Pooch for the first time a few days ago and will definitely be bringing her back! Bambi is a rescue and so can get quite nervous around strangers and new places, however Danny and Tania were lovely and very gentle and patient towards her which put her (and me) at ease right away. They did a great job removing some pretty nasty matts and sorting the crazy shedding that Bambi was going through coming up to summer and I can see she’s already much happier and more comfortable. It’s very clear that Danny and Tania are not only great at what they do but also love the animals. They spent a lot of time sorting Bambi out for an extremely fair price. I would definitely recommend!

~ Emily and Bambi

“I was a little apprehensive to have my yearly shave with the new owners of the business; however, I (and my mummy) had a great experience! My teddybear shave was done perfectly, and I received lots of cuddles and warmth from Danny and Tania.”
~ Google review by Ralph, with his fresh, new summer coat!

~ Michelle and Ralph

Thanks so much for transforming Boo after she’d gone over a year without her six-month groom! You could have made another cat out of her excess fur! A great job in such a warm and friendly environment, see you again soon! 🦁🐾

~ Jane and Boo

We had our baby, Mona, groomed at Purrfect and Pooch for the first time a few weeks ago and in all honesty I was reluctant to go with the lion cut my partner wanted as I loved how floofy she was. However, after talking to Dan and Tania I was more than happy to leave her in their capable hands. Tania mentioned that Mona may act kitten-like again after her cut and she couldn’t have been more right. She is so much more agile and bounces around the house like a spring chicken. She loves having her short fur stroked and comes for cuddles on an hourly basis. Tania and Dan were so informative and treated my baby like their own, she even won Dan’s heart with how good she was! I’ve never met a pet groomer so invested in their clients pets and I recommend them 100%. Mona will definitely be back for a pamper soon, along with her naughty little brother Ross, to give Dan and Tania a challenge! Thank you so much guys! 😻

~ Lauren and Mona

Very nice and caring. Bruce is happy with his new look!

~ Lorelai and Bruce

I took my eleven-year-old Plummer Terrier for her first groom today. I was really nervous due to this being her first time and she desperately needed her nails clipping. I was put at ease immediately and had a fantastic first impression. They handled Daisy with care and were extremely passionate and understanding , showing knowledge and experience of animals. When I went to collect Daisy she was laid down very relaxed and happy! I’m extremely happy with how my girl has been handled and would recommend! We will most certainly be back!

~ Ree and Daisy

Following on from my previous experience and review of bringing my Persian boy, Clyde, to Purrfect and Pooch, and on the back of my very positive experience there, I recently booked in Bonnie, his partner in crime for the same first class treatment. They are both Persians and, like us hoomans, are different in temperament, etc. I expressed my concerns to both Danny and Tania that although Clyde is laid back, Bonnie is less so and doesn’t like much handling. I was reassured that she would be fine and she absolutely was, after all my worrying! I trust their knowledge, experience and obvious passion for what they do. They told me I could contact them at any time for advice etc, which was so reassuring to know, as I only adopted these kitties a few months ago. I’m so glad I was recommended here, and although Purrfect and Pooch isn’t on my doorstep, I wouldn’t take my kitties anywhere else. I highly recommend them!

~ Carol and Bonnie

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lola, has been groomed twice by Tania and Danny. On both occasions I found them very professional and caring, and their overall holistic approach to individual pets is commendable. It was refreshing to see their enthusiasm. I have no hesitation in recommending their first class service, to discerning pet owners.

~ Jean and Lola

No cat pun intended but we really landed on our feet when we found Purrfect and Pooch after getting our longhaired cat. The help and advice they were able to offer us as first time owners of a pedigree breed was invaluable and they really are animal experts with a huge passion for what they do. My cat loves going to see them and always comes home with a spring in his step after visiting. I’ve sat in on the whole process before when my car broke down and got to see how Danny and Tania handled my pet so professionally, so lovingly, and they were incredibly respectful of his boundaries and what he was and wasn’t comfortable with. Second to none service every time and the most lovely people. I will never take my cat anywhere else!

~ Cara and Chief Keef

I don’t know where to start! Tania and Danny are nothing but professional, caring and at the top of their field. I have a long haired cat who suffers from depression when her coat is too long, she had been off her food for a week or so and had done nothing but sleep. We called Friday hoping to get an appointment as soon as possible (the next couple of weeks, perhaps) and when they heard of Lucy’s distress they dropped everything and booked her in Saturday morning. Lucy was treated like a princes. They texted with regular updates and worked at Lucy’s pace without regard for time (she’s just a grumpy old lady). Danny and Tania are super friendly and have so much care and compassion for the fur babies they have in their care. I would not trust anyone else with our old girl. She is, as I type, sat on her Daddy, grooming him and purring like she hasn’t in a long time… Very happy cat and owners!

~ Sue and Lucy

I have been taking my kitty, Sparkle, to Tania and Danny for a good while now. Sparkle is a super nervous Chinchilla Persian and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with him now. They always fit him in, whenever I need help with him, and they are so lovely. I love their new set up, very welcoming, and Sparkle comes away happy and smelling delicious everytime. Also, the aftercare they offer is second to none. I have struggled with flea and worm treatment with Sparkle and they always offer me sound advice. They gave me some great tips for diet for him, too, due to him having a very delicate tummy. Thanks guys, as always!

~ Kerry and Sparkle

I love these people! I take my two extra sensitive and extra large rescue dogs to them for a regular groom and deshed. They are compassionate, kind, and so patient! They always put the animals first – welfare above vanity! I would recommend them to anyone for their efficient, quality service with no compromises!

~ Vickie, Duchess, Fenn, Minty and Remus

First time for Clover, she was nervous but they soon made her welcome. They picked her up, gave her a cuddles and she then gave them a kiss. They were so helpful with her diet and made me feel at ease with leaving my little baby with them. I will definitely recommend them to anyone. I’ve had dogs for over thirty years and they are the best groomers I have ever been to! Thank you so much!

~ Paula and Clover

I have taken my cat here twice now and would definitely recommend them. Very friendly and polite, I was very happy with the whole service. Noah came out looking like a brand new cat!

~ Rozma and Noah

Danny and Tania are superlative, today my lovely cat, Martin, went for a full grooming with bath and he was not stressed at all! They really love animals and they show so in the job they do with professionality and passion. Not only have they looked after Martin, but they also gave me precious advice on various topics which I am treasuring now! I can’t recommend them enough. 5 stars are not enough!

~ Aurora and Martin

I took my Ragdoll there for the first time and they were amazing! So gentle with her and they were very informative. She looks so much better and feels a million times better. Highly recommended, we can’t wait to bring her again as she loved it there!

~ Beth and Dolly

Both Dan and Tania are so friendly and welcoming, they make you feel at ease straight away and you can see and feel that they are passionate about what they do. I took Clyde, my Persian, to them after looking at the reviews, and I felt that they were the right kind of people to trust with him – and I was right!

From start to finish I was given good advice and informed of what they would be doing, and I knew Clyde’s interests were foremost out of everything, which made such a difference and gave me peace of mind. Nothing was rushed and was done in ‘Clyde’ time, so as to make him as comfortable and settled as could be.

Clyde is looking so handsome and smells delicious, I’m struggling not to eat him! His partner in crime, Bonnie, seems a bit miffed with it all, so I feel she needs a bit of pampering too, so I will be returning soon! Thank you, both, so much!

~ Carol and Clyde

My dog was well overdue a groom due to lockdowns. She is a Cockapoo and whilst I brush her regularly, she still develops knots. Purrfect and Pooch took the time and care to remove the knots to prevent shaving her too short, I’m very happy with the cut. Such a nice couple, too, very pet friendly and a lovely atmosphere.

~ Fiona and Amber

First time visiting today and couldn’t recommend highly enough; lovely people and great with animals. Grayson feels so much better and is already loads happier in himself, thank you so much.

~ Charlie and Grayson

I just want to say a huge thank you for Gus’s groom. He looks fantastic. You’ve done such a wonderful job! The advice you took the time to give to my partner as well is so helpful and really appreciated! Will definitely be coming back! I feel so confident that he’s in good hands with you guys! Thank you!

~ Lauren and Gustav

First time visiting today and I cannot recommend them enough. I have spent weeks looking to find somewhere to take my one-year-old Persian for grooming and I have definitely found the right place for him.

Such a lovely caring couple who clearly love the job they do and the animals they meet, my Percy looks beautiful and his trim/groom was exactly what we asked for.

I didnt want to take him into a hectic parlour with dogs barking everywhere around him as he is a house cat, so not use to dogs. Both my cat and I were put at ease and I’m 100% sure he has enjoyed his pamper today.

Thank you x

~ Simmone and Percy

After our long haired house cat had a couple of hair-related accidents we decided it was time to get him trimmed. We decided on a lion cut as he’s indoors in the warm all the time, however I was incredibly anxious for him as he’s such a nervous cat who hates anyone other than me and my partner – Chewy normally hides under the bed if anyone comes around and is incredibly shy.

When I got to Purrfect and Pooch they were so helpful and reassuring, took time to tell me exactly what they would do and made sure they got Chewy used to them and the environment before doing an incredible job of the cut!

It is a safe, enclosed environment where cats can’t escape, but have space to roam, very clean and professional but also so personable and friendly. I would highly recommend for both nervous cats and nervous owners! I also had questions afterwards and they have been in constant contact giving great detailed help and advice. 🙂

Also, Chewy has gone from being shy even with us to now being overly affectionate and wanting cuddles all the time, and snuggling up in bed with us too!

~ Ellen and Chewy

I have had my long haired puss for a year and a half now since he was a cute fluffy kitten. I’ve never had a long haired cat before and couldn’t understand where the horrendous tats were coming from as he grew into an adult cat. Over a period of weeks and weeks I slowly chopped out the tats little by little until he was finally ok, even though he looked like he’d been through a combine! Six months later the tats were back in spite of me grooming him as best I could on most days. He loves being outside and would come in covered in all sorts of twigs, weeds, grass seeds and sticky jacks. 😳

When he started to get smelly around his fluffy bot I thought he’d sort it out himself but then one night he came in stinking and needing assistance! I did what I could and then looked online and found Danny and Tania. A quick consultative phone call and we arranged an appointment.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done for Spook. He was treated with love, kindness and confidence and allowed Tania to set to with dematting his fur and was also given a hygiene trim around his bottom with a trim along the middle of his tummy. All this yet still managed to look completely natural and fluffy. I left him in their capable hands and in two hours returned to a fluffy black glossy coated handsome moggy who smelled divine!

He is so happy now and has an air of awesomeness about him – he looks like a king! I never knew there was such a thing as a cat groomer and was genuinely worried about how I was going to manage his coat throughout his life. I am now a convert and even though we are a forty-minute drive away, we’ll be back in the spring!

Love you guys, thank you so much for looking after Spook so well! Here’s some photos of how beautiful he is now.

~ Charlie and Spook

We left our beloved Columbo in the care of Danny and Tania. We’d already tried another groomer and not had the best experience. As such we were certainly cautious and dare I say it sceptical about any claims made. We needn’t have worried.

Right from the phone call to the drop off, both were attentive, warm and welcoming. Our boy was audibly nervous about what lay ahead. They took their time to ask us about him and then explain exactly what would happen.

We returned to collect him and found him relaxed and completely at ease. The genuine care and attention both have towards the animals placed in their trust is amazing. They spent at least half an hour with us (despite clearly being busy) answering our new owner questions and giving us the benefit of their experience.

They didn’t try to needlessly upsell us anything and gave us honest guidance and opinions. It’s clear everything they do is in the best interests of the animal. Their honesty and pursuit of excellence in what they do has secured us as regulars.

~ Gul and Columbo

Had my cat Hugo groomed today. The teddy cut they did was a fantastic job. Very friendly people . They were great with my cat. Lovely, clean place. Nice atmosphere. I would definitely recommend and will be back again!

~ Corinna and Hugo

I have a very naughty dog! Lee always does his best to make him look beautiful! 👍

~ Dawn and Leo

Took my French bulldog for her first grooming and she loved it! She looks great, feels super soft, and smells beautiful. Tania and Danny are fantastic, really welcoming, helpful and professional. I will 100% recommend this pet groomers, already booked her next visit. 🙂👍

~ Joanna and Bellaboo

We took our long haired tabby, Eden, in today as she had developed matts around her back legs and tummy. I was very nervous about taking her to a groomer as she can be very anxious and distressed at the vet. But we were instantly put at ease and when we picked Eden up after her shave I think she has fallen in love with Tania!

We were given really good advice on maintaining her coat and she will definitely be coming back for a groom in 6 months. I’ve already recommended them to my mum for her cat. We went for the lion cut and our little lioness is very happy and relaxed at home tonight. Thank you and look forward to seeing you both again soon! 😻

~ Mary-Ann and Eden

A Fantastic team who look after my Barney. Highly recommended! X

~ Tracy and Barney

Thank you so much for pampering Inca at short notice. She smells lovely and has a nice shiny coat again. Inca is now allowed back in the room where she loves to sleep next to the Christmas tree!

~ Sarah and Inca

Here’s a picture of Connie after todays groom. I am really impressed, you did a brilliant job and she looks spot on. See you next time. Thank you!

~ Julie and Connie

Today our nearly 14-year-old cat went to Purrfect and Pooch for his first ever pampering. He has struggled with grooming over the years as he has a front leg missing. We have helped him but it just got on top of us all. He was very matted and we knew the only comfortable option for Diesel would be to shave it off.

From the moment we had our first conversation I knew he would be in good hands with Danny, Tania and Lee. They managed to fit him in around my schedule, despite been very busy. Their care and attention to detail are second to none and they gave some great advice for us moving forward. We will without doubt be returning and look forward to our next visit.

~ Nicole and Diesel

This was Luna’s first time at the groomers as a six-month-old kitten. I didn’t know how she was going to react, but knew I was leaving her in safe hands.

Tania and Danny did a fantastic job, and took their time to ensure she was calm and had a good experience.

Would highly recommend! Very knowledgeable and friendly, clearly passionate about what they do. Will definitely become a regular!😸

~ Erin and Luna

You guys saved my entire life! You are caring, happy, obviously animal people, gentle, honest and completely professional. Bella is a happy cat now her claws have been cut! She told me to say thank you!

~ Jay and Bella

Always such a relaxed experience for my cat she’s so content to be groomed by them!

~ Tracie and Grace

Always do a great job with Simba, our maine coon cat.

~ Keith and Simba

Can’t recommend enough! Really friendly people, very knowledgable and nurturing towards animals. After having the same groomer for most of her life, we had to find a new groomer for Roxy in quick succession due to her normal groomer being ill. Danny and Tania came to the rescue! They opened especially just to fit Roxy an appointment in. She came home looking and smelling beautiful! They made her feel so calm and relaxed. Here’s Roxy with her lockdown hair before and then chilling with her llama after a hard day of being pampered today!

~ Stephanie and Roxy

Thank you so much to Purrfect and Pooch for pampering my fur baby! She came back smelling amazing and looking beautiful! Treated her to a new coat for having such a good groom report!

~ Alicia and Zula

Thank you so much for making Maverick twice as handsome, and taking good care of him! He looks and smells absolutely amazing and has been so relaxed after his pamper session this morning (as you can see on the picture, that’s his favourite position to be in). See you again in December.

~ Georgia and Maverick

I’ve been taking my very spoilt Scottish Fold to Purrfect and Pooch for over a year now and I’m impressed each and every time. It always inspires confidence when people have a passion for their work but Danny and Tania take it to the next level, I really can’t praise them highly enough. Incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The quality of their work is truly unparalleled! Even if I wanted to go elsewhere, I’m not sure Noodle would let me. Fur-st class! 😸

~ Daniel and Noodle

Olive is a lot happier now she is matt-free! She even decided to meerkat to show of her new haircut! Would really recommend, as she’s a really nervous cat, but they took their time to make sure she returned home happy 😄😁😺

~ Gareth and Olive

Thank you so much for Archie’s groom today and for being so patient and understanding with him. I thought I’d sent you a quick snap with his best friend Ron.

~ Jess and Archie

Can’t recommend them enough! Really lovely people. This was my cat’s first time at a groomers, so I was a bit nervous, but they did an amazing job.

~ Amy and Gizmo

Dave went for his first visit today; the team were very friendly and approachable. They were full of advice and helpful tips and very knowledgeable. Dave came back looking magnificent with his lion cut! Couldn’t recommend them enough!

~ Lucy and Dave

Fantastic service from a fantastic company. Struggled to find a company to take care of our British Long-Haired until Purrfect and Pooch came along. So professional, friendly and welcoming. The quality of their work is outstanding and now Catson is a very happy lad again. Definitely recommend them to anyone.

~ James and Catson

Highly recommend Purrfect and Pooch, I took my 18-month-old Ragdoll who had never been groomed so I didn’t really know what I wanted, the team spent a great deal of time before the appointment and day of explaining the cuts and showed me different photos so I had an idea. I felt really comfortable leaving Pablo with them and they ended up giving him a ‘Lee Special’ and he looks fab. Will definitely be back. Thank you! X

~ Hannah and Pablo

So professional and my cat always comes home purring and so happy. They do an amazing job. ❤

~ Zoe and Lucy

Would definitely recommend Purrfect and Pooch. I take my King Charles and the service is exceptional. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. 👍

~ Matt and Edward

Milo’s first appointment today and WOW! Wish I would have known about Purrfect and Pooch before. Very welcoming, caring, professional team. Milo has never looked so good! Thank you very much and see you very soon, Thank you. xx

~ Carole and Milo

First time bringing my cat today, and I’m impressed. Friendly and efficient, thorough and knowledgeable I’d definitely recommend them. Will bring her back again!

~ Tracie and Gracie

Highly recommend! had my Domestic Long-Haired cat, Dusty, groomed this morning. His coat feels so soft and smells very clean! also looks very smart with a shorter coat hopefully it will be easier for him to groom himself now he is older. Julie and her husband looked after him really well and shared lots of helpful tips. Will be visiting again!

~ Laura and Dusty

Lovely couple who always treat my Persian kitty, Sparkle, whenever I need. absolutely love this place. 100% recommend.💜

~ Kerry and Sparkle

Cosmo has been for a cut today and looks so much better. I’m so pleased I fetched him today (he’s my baby so I was very nervous) Will definitely be back and recommend to other cat owners. Thank you. x

~ Kim and Cosmo

Julie and Lee do amazing work, they have groomed and shaved my cat Millie to perfection. She looks beautiful and smells Divine! Would 100% recommend, thank you.

~ Becca and Millie

Always bring my cat, Oscar, here to get his nails trimmed. The customer service is brilliant and so is the pricing! Highly recommend.

~ Fehzaan and Oscar

Friendly and do a great job on Gizmo and Jasper.

~ John, Gizmo and Jasper

So amazing! My Barney was full of matts. He’s now like a lion and seems so much happier. Defo use for the other two.

~ Michelle and Barney

I took my dog here once as a one-off. Ever since she didn’t go anywhere else! She’s always so happy coming back after a groom and groomed perfectly!

~ Tony and Chewy

It was the first time my little girl, Carla, has ever been to a groomer. I couldn’t believe the outcome and how well they have done with Carla. Before I took Carla she had really long hair and it was getting really bad matted areas in her fur due to her hair being really long as she’s a Tabby cat. I thought she was going to be difficult for the couple but she was so well behaved for them. I highly recommend the couple and would happily keep going back. She still smells so incredible (maybe due to her being an indoor cat). I can’t stress enough how well they have done and the price is so worth every penny.

~ Bethany and Carla

Many thanks for grooming my cat, Brian. He looks so much better now and he does like the short coat, especially in this hot weather. Would definitely return soon. Xxoo

~ Camelia and Brian

Our Long-Haired cat, Rolo, has been going here for grooming for a couple of years now. They are a very pleasant couple who clearly have expertise in what they do, and a genuine passion for animals. The service is reasonably priced, too. I would certainly recommend!

~ Moya and Rolo

Thank you! My dog was a bit of a pain, but brilliant results and lovely customer service. Would 100% recommend.

~ Shadeen and Crystal

Took my pup today for his first grooming session. Rigby-Bear looks and smells great! Super service and a great price!

~ Diane and Rigby-Bear

Just relocated to Sheffield and my Chinchilla cat’s coat had got into a bad state. Julie and her husband did a wonderful job on her, clipping all the knotted fur and leaving her with the cutest face and lion tail. She’s much happier now. I’ve already booked in my other two cats for a groom. Thank you so much!

~ Karla and Mya

I have been using Purrfect and Pooch since I started breeding Persians. They always do an amazing job, they are friendly and professional and will help with advice if wanted. I would highly recommend.

~ Michelle, Amelia, Annie, Arlo, Aurora, Casey, Rihanna, Saffron, Saphire and Satchmo et al

Thanks a lot to Julie and her husband for the great job you did on our Guinea Pig Rodney today. A great service and extremely nice people. Thanks again.

~ Marcus and Rodney

First time having our cat, Olly, groomed. He was full of matts where the sticky balls had set into his fur and generally in a sorry state. He was miserable! I’d tried booking him in with other groomers but most had lengthy waiting times and sky-high prices. Found Purrfect and Pooch on an internet search. They are a lovely husband and wife team and they put me straight at ease and got him booked in within a few days. Olly came home absolutely beautiful and smelt amazing he is so much happier not a single knot or Matt left in his fur. We went with the attitude of this is a one-off, we won’t be forking out £40 to get him brushed every five minutes, but we’ve left thinking he will definitely be coming back for regular grooms! Lovely couple and reasonably priced. 100% will be coming back with little Olly again! Thanks again!

~ Jemma and Olly

Amazing job on both my furry babies. Left Tilly with the understanding she is a bit nervous. Came to pick her up and she had a waggy tail and was very spritely. A Happy Pooch = A Happy Mummy.

~ Louise and Tilly

My ten-year-old old Persian, Henry, just had lovely trim and groom here. They were so lovely with him, and he looks fabulous. Thank you very much.

~ Beth and Henry

Just a note to say thank you for sorting Lady Daisy out. She’s been asleep all afternoon! See you in eight weeks x

~ Michelle and Daisy

Just took my Long-Haired ‘moggy’ for her first-ever groom. Words cannot express how I feel about the experience. Lee and Julie are fantastic. Tinkerbell looks fantastic and has returned home stress-free. Oh!! Did I mention that I had travelled all the way from Bramley and Lee took us both home? Above and beyond, guys! Above and beyond!

~ Linda and Tinkerbell

Just picked Dodi up from groomers, he looks fantastic. Julie has done a brilliant job, would certainly recommend her. Thanks!

~ Mona and Dodi

My darling Froggy had a very happy and relaxing experience with Julie and Lee this morning. Thank you for sorting his nether regions!

~ Parsley and Frog

First time using Purrfect and Pooch and I received great customer service. My cat, Dave, came home from his nightly prowl covered in mud and fox poo and I couldn’t get him clean! I sent a message and got a quick response. I dropped him off this morning and two hours later he’s lovely and clean and smelling fresh. Thank you.

~ Sarah and Dave

Buster went back today for his full cut and I love it. They have done a brilliant job!

~ Danielle and Buster

Thank you for looking after Rosie and Diva and doing a brilliant job today. Would definitely recommend.

~ Elaine, Rosie and Diva

Brilliant service from Julie and Lee. My beautiful Cat, Mitzy, smells beautiful and her fur looks and feels amazing 🙂 Thank you again.

~ Teegan and Mitzy

Cat groomers are hard to find, but good ones even harder. I have taken my 11 yr old Maine Coon cat to Julie and Lee for the past 3 years. They do an amazing job with her each time and, more importantly, she never seems to be stressed out by the experience. After moving away from Sheffield I tried other cat groomers closer to home but ended up making the one hour trip up the M1 back to Purrfect and Pooch, as I found they did a better job at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!

~ Shanti and Sophia

Chose this dog groomers because they were local to me and had good feedback. I was not disappointed. They were fantastic with my Lulu and did an excellent cut. She looks and smells amazing, they were very friendly and are lovely people and actually care for the dogs in their care. I will definitely be using them again. Highly recommended and excellent service. 👍😀

~ Nadine and Lulu

I think Purrfect and Pooch might have swapped our cat for a new one! 😉 We got an adult Long-Haired female a week ago and booked her in for a groom straight away as her fur was in a really bad state. Freya the cat now looks great but more importantly, she’s started demanding cuddles and playing with toys for the first time since we got her. I guess her matted fur must have been making her depressed. Seems Purrfect and Pooch have made a real difference. 🙂 Despite the fact that Freya’s fur was badly matted, she was ready in less than an hour and looked great! I was expecting shaven patches but she looks absolutely fantastic. We will definitely use Purrfect and Pooch again and would recommend them to anyone.

~ Ewa and Freya

Thank you so much! My Long-Haired Persian cat, Sophie, had fur in very bad condition with lots of tangles and knots, and after grooming at Purrfect and Pooch she looks absolutely fantastic and definitely much happier. The owners are so friendly people they understand very well of animals. I highly recommend this place and will definitely come back to Purrfect and Pooch as they are grooming professionals, and I’m sure that my cat is in so good hands during the grooming process. Thank you again!

~ Izabela and Sophie

Thoroughly recommend Julie. She has groomed both my dog and cats for over 2 years. Wouldnt take them any where else. She does only one dog at a time and there are no cages. Andy and Rani always come home without feeling stressed and looking and smelling wonderful.

~ Matt, Andy and Rani