Getting Purrsonal – Look ‘Ear, You

Getting Purrsonal – Look ‘Ear, You
  • By Tania Marie de Saram
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  • The pinna, or external part of a cat’s ear, can rotate up to 180 degrees to locate minute sounds by acting as a funnel. But did you know that its position is also a good indicator of how your furry friend is feeling?

    If your feline has her ears pinned back, flat against her head, she is scared and defensive. You may wish to give her some space, as she could lash out with anger and aggression until she has had sufficient time to calm herself. Similarly, if her ears are turned back, this indicates something is irritating her, or she is over-stimulated and needs some peace and quiet. Ears that face sideways suggest that she feels nervous and is experiencing some anxiety; if they are low in addition to this, she may be trying to tell you that she is not well, so keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour or symptoms.

    However, straight up ears that point forward denote alertness and confidence, and if you see them twitching your puss may be preparing herself to pounce, so get ready for some playtime! Conversely, if they are slightly forwards in the ‘neutral’ position, she is likely to feel content and relaxed, which is the perfect moment for some love and snuggles. Cats communicate so much through non-verbal cues, and by closely observing those fluffy ears, you can learn more about your furry friend’s behaviour and moods. ❤

    ~ Tania Marie de Saram