Getting Purrsonal – Catastrophic Complications

Getting Purrsonal – Catastrophic Complications

Getting Purrsonal – Catastrophic Complications

All pusses in the UK are inoculated against feline infectious enteritis which causes serious vomiting and diarrhoea, and, feline influenza which is essentially cat flu. Prowlers who either go outside (or live with kitties who do) should be additionally vaccinated for feline leukaemia, as this can seriously compromise their immune systems. Additional non-core immunisations include

Pooch Picks – Worm Your Way Out

As responsible pet owners, we make sure our furry friends are up to date with their worming treatments. Worms are parasites that can be transmitted through your dog’s faeces and also contaminated soil. People can even contract certain species from their pooches, so it is worth making sure they stay away! There are five main

Getting Purrsonal – Some Like It Ruff

There are a number of things to consider when deciding which cut is in your feline’s best interests. Older cats or those who struggle with self-grooming may find the lengthy bib of the Lion Cut difficult to maintain. However, since this clip is shorter, it may be a good option for those with severe knots

Pooch Picks – Hairy Lips

Every time we do a full groom on your furry friends, we trim the hairs around the lips. This helps keep their mouths smelling as fresh as they can be, and, prevents irritation or obstruction when eating. It also gets rid of the staining. But what exactly causes that change in colour? Porphyrin is a