Pet Gallery

We love your pets as much as you do! They’re fabulous creatures with their own personalities, from playful to curmudgeon! They’re a part of the family and we’re honoured to groom them.

To celebrate this, we’ve decided to make a page entirely dedicated to them! Send us pictures of your post-groom posing pets, or absolutely any other photo of them that makes you proud/laugh/happy to have them in your lives, and we’ll do our best to showcase as many as possible!

Email your submissions to us at

Purrfect Pusses

🐾 Agatha shows off her stunning markings, after a thorough deshed! ❤
🐾 Angel came in for a relaxing bath, and a deshed! ❤
🐾Betty had gotten herself into a state, but a shave soon sorted her out! ❤
🐾 Cookie joined us for her first ever deshed, and left feeling much lighter! ❤
🐾 Fergus was insistent on reaching out for cuddles, during his thorough deshed! ❤
🐾 Lewi had a good bath and deshed, to freshen him up and relieve him of excess floof! ❤
🐾 Mia is a lovely little lady, who always looks sleek and stunning post-groom! ❤
🐾 Rupert came into us with his brother Ralph, for a bath and deshed following his stay at the cattery! ❤
🐾 Simba was gentle and calm, whilst we deshedded him to remove his floofy undercoat! ❤
🐾 Tilly is a beautiful older lady, who is good as gold during her desheds! ❤
🐾 Alice shows us that short-haired cats need grooming, too! ❤
🐾 Beanie was a cuddlebug, and we removed an epic amount of his undercoat! ❤
🐾 Bosko was definitely ready for one of his regular desheds, just look at all that floof! ❤
🐾 Dottie was in need of a bath and deshed, and felt much more relaxed after her pamper session! ❤
🐾 Frank goes from grubby to gorgeous, with a relaxing soak in the tub followed by a deshed! ❤
🐾 Lumos looks like a new cat, after a thorough deshed! ❤
🐾 Mylo was a matted little boy, so we had to remove his knots before a bath and deshed! ❤
🐾 Serge was extremely calm and well-behaved, during his first ever visit with us! ❤
🐾 Sophie isn’t the easiest cat to groom, but we gave her her usual deshed nevertheless! ❤
🐾 Yuki was very chatty and very cuddly, during his first ever deshed! ❤

🐾 Rolo and Oscar were in dire need of a bath and deshed, with all this dense undercoat! ❤

Pampered Pooches

🐾 Chip had her first visit with us today, and loved every minute! ❤
🐾 Delilah came into us for a nice refreshing bath, and a scissor tidy! ❤
🐾 Poppy was very matted, so we took her short to start growing her coat from scratch! ❤
🐾 Coco was in need of a clip, and she also had a good play during her groom! ❤
🐾 Luna had some seriously uncomfortable eye matts, but she felt like a new dog after her pamper session! ❤
🐾 Tessie is usually a timid dog, but she bonded with Simona and felt very relaxed! ❤

Resident Floofs and Furballs

Of course we have to end the gallery with our own wonderful family!