Pet Gallery

We love your pets as much as you do! They’re fabulous creatures with their own personalities, from playful to curmudgeon! They’re a part of the family and we’re honoured to groom them.

To celebrate this, we’ve decided to make a page entirely dedicated to them! Send us pictures of your post-groom posing pets, or absolutely any other photo of them that make you proud/laugh/happy to have them in your lives and we’ll do our best to get them on here!

Email your submissions to Danny at

Milkey looking “much more adorable now” according to his mummy…

Bailey, rocking the beach bod look!

Armani, catwalk ready!

Dave, unleashing his wild side!

Chief Keef is one of the best named cats we’ve had the pleasure of grooming! Legend!

Over the years we’ve been visited by a flurry of felines! Here’s a selection of those purrfect pusses.

Bella, before and after! Stoic!

Leo, before and after! Such a transformation!

Izzy, before and after! Rejuvinated!

Fifi, before and after! Little cutie!

Daisy, before and after! Such a nice feeling to have a tidy and spruce up!

Lola the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel came in for her first pamper session and absolutely adored it! She looks beautiful!

Eddie! Before, after and during! Getting up close and personal with our Tania, and loving his cool new coat trim!

Alfie the Border Collie came in for a trim and is very happy with his swish cut! Ears up and smiles all round!

Naturally, we’ve also groomed many pooches! Here are a few fresh and funky cuts.

Of course we have to end the gallery with our own wonderful family!