Pooch Picks – Feeling Plucky

Pooch Picks – Feeling Plucky
  • By Tania Marie de Saram
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  • If your dog is small and fluffy, or a ‘burrowing breed’ such as a terrier, you have probably seen long strands of hair growing out from its ears. Even smooth-coated, larger canines can have tufts, which work like those in our nostrils, blocking debris from entering the body through these delicate cavities. However, the problem begins when the fur grows too long; your pooch will scratch its ears and begin shaking its head, in a bid to ease the discomfort.

    The increased hair could lead to matting, and it is common to notice a build-up of waxy secretions, which may or may not have an odour. Some dogs suffer from chronic ear infections, as bacteria and yeast thrive in moist conditions, without adequate air circulation. Once organisms in the ear become resistant to veterinary treatment, it is extremely difficult to control them, and irritation becomes an inevitable part of your furry friend’s life.

    Plucking to remove deep fur has to be done carefully, as the tissue in the inner ear is particularly tender and we want to avoid inflammation. However, frequent extraction weakens the hair follicle, so it grows back more finely. Sterile hemostatic forceps are used to remove the excess, then a cleaning solution is massaged into the base of the ear, to loosen the remaining wax and other debris from deep within the canal. The hair near the opening of the ear is clipped, and the crevices gently wiped, to ensure your dog feels all the relief and comfort of being clean and fresh, once again! ❤

    ~ Tania Marie de Saram