Getting Purrsonal – A Tail Of Two Kitties

Getting Purrsonal – A Tail Of Two Kitties
  • By Tania Marie de Saram
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  • Whilst cats predominantly use their tails to maintain balance, they are also a great indicator of mood; by watching carefully you can gain an insight into how your furry friend is feeling. When it is held high and upright, your kitty is confident and happy, so this is the perfect time to offer cuddles, play and treats.

    If there is a slight curve at the tip, you may consider this an amicable greeting, often towards a favoured hooman. However, felines also twist their tails around other animals, which is affiliative behaviour and their way of bonding. Conversely, a tail firmly tucked beneath a cat’s body suggests a problem: she is fearful, nervous, or in pain.

    The speed at which your kitty moves that tail also provides information about her next move. Flicking or lashing demonstrates that fear may have turned into serious agitation, and there is the potential for aggression. If her tail is straight down or puffed out, then consider yourself duly warned.

    A slower wave, often swishing from side to side, means your puss has something in her focus, and a pounce may well be on the cards! ❤

    ~ Tania Marie de Saram