Pooch Picks – Bee Careful

Pooch Picks – Bee Careful
  • By Tania Marie de Saram
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  • The warmer weather is synonymous with an increase in flying insects. Canines are often curious, and find them to be a source of entertainment, but the main ones to watch out for are bees and wasps; they just don’t want to play.

    If your furry friend gets stung, you may notice him biting, licking or pawing at the affected area, and he is likely to elevate it if able. Swelling at the site is common, and your dog may whine through discomfort. If a sting visibly remains as with bees, use the edge of a credit card to scrape it out below the venom sac. Be careful not to risk forcing more poison into your pet, which occurs if tweezers are used as they have a squeezing effect. A clean towel or cloth soaked in very cold water may be applied to soothe the area; avoid using ice in case the sudden temperature change induces shock. Stay calm and keep your pooch cool, as usually pain and irritation ease after a few hours. However, close observation is necessary to ensure he doesn’t suffer an anaphylactic reaction. Diarrhoea, vomiting, rapid or laboured breathing, pale gums, excessive swelling that appears to be spreading, weakness, or collapsing, are all symptoms indicating the need for emergency veterinary attention. Also, if multiple stings occur, especially around the mouth and nose, these could potentially block airways; it is better to err on the side of caution and seek professional assistance. ❤

    ~ Tania Marie de Saram