Pooch Picks – Anal Glands

Pooch Picks – Anal Glands
  • By Tania Marie de Saram
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  • Have you ever noticed a ‘fishy’ smell around your pooch’s posterior? Does your furry friend scoot along the ground or lick his behind excessively? Especially if she is a small breed, there may be a problem with your dog’s anal glands.

    These sacs of fluid are usually emptied when a pooch poops, with the help of a high-quality diet. However, if their stools aren’t firm and healthy, there may not be enough pressure on the glands to empty them.

    Expressing them internally is best left to a veterinary expert as it is more intrusive; anal glands are delicate and can easily be ruptured. Also, there may be another reason why your furry friend is struggling, which needs further investigation.

    At Purrfect and Pooch we will only manually empty them externally, but it is important to not do this too often as it reduces their ability to work by themselves. ❤

    ~ Tania Marie de Saram