Getting Purrsonal – Ageing Gracefully

Getting Purrsonal – Ageing Gracefully

Getting Purrsonal – Ageing Gracefully

Cats hide their pain well, but by the age of 12 most of them may struggle with joint problems, just as we do when we get older. The symptoms are much the same, with your feline decreasing in activity and generally slowing down, perhaps grumbling when you handle certain areas. Tequila is nearly 13 years

Pooch Picks – Hair Splinters

As professional groomers we often get hair splinters, also known as hair slivers, in our hands. Freshly-cut hair can be very sharp, especially with certain types of coats that are more coarse. Typically, we pre-clip dogs, bathe and dry them, and then follow up with a more thorough cut, so this exposes us to more

Getting Purrsonal – Cat Claws

Gentle but firm is the approach we use to tackle even the longest of feline nails! Cats usually have five claws on the front paws and four on the back – they retract these claws when they are not using them for climbing, feeding or attacking. This means they don’t get worn down through walking

Pooch Picks – Paw Pads

One of the many important things we do at Purrfect and Pooch to keep your companion healthy is to shave the underside of the foot, taking care to remove matts and knots from between the paw pads. Dogs sweat through merocrine glands in their paw pads, and grass seeds and burrs can cause irritation and